Vound Software – On-demand Training Promo Videos

Client: Vound Software

Vound needed a video to post on various online platforms to promote their new On-Demand Training Courses. This was originally conceived as a single video, however during the process it was broken into three the main advantages on “on-demand” delivery, and 3 single videos were produced.

Website: vound-software.com

Our role was to help develop the concept, story board the original ideas and further develop into 3x key feature videos for social media. The graphics were developed in line with Vound branding, the target audience, and the features of the software itself. Once developed, the animations was created, voice overs added and the video formatted for upload to various online platforms.
These videos have been very successful in increasing the number of customers taking up this training format.
  • Creative Direction
  • Story Boards
  • 3x Animated videos

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